Announcing the meowfest 2018 (Fe)Line-Up!

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for (well, besides meowfest itself, of course)! Here is the full line-up of cat celebrities and influencers of meowfest 2018:

Klaus (@oskar_the_blind_cat)

Thank you. Thank you for showing your love for Oskar and for our family. We are so lucky to not tackle the grief alone as so many people do. We honestly thought that we were one third of the way through Oskar’s journey in this world. We had visions of a grown-up Faye saying goodbye to him as she went off to college. Well, life sometimes doesn’t care what you imagine. Life is not cruel, but it’s often indifferent to our dreams and desires. Life can change quickly. But — life is also beautiful. What matters most is that we cherish the days that we’re together with the ones we love. Oh, to go back to this day again... To have one more day with our Oskar. We would give up every treasure in the world for one more day. Maybe he will visit us in our dreams! Maybe he will visit you! Remember, if you have some cheese, please share it with him. ❤️❤️❤️ [Photo of Klaus with his paw on Oskar’s back from 2012.]

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With multiple achievements under his collar (including a children's adventure series, two viral music videos, a sweeping social media fan base and his position as official spokespet for the National Federation of the Blind), Oskar the Blind Cat was an inspiration to many. Though Oskar sadly passed away unexpectedly in February 2018, his humans and feline sidekick, Klaus, will continue his legacy by presenting on pets with disabilities at meowfest.

Pudge (@pudgethecat)

Happy #NationalDonutDay from Donut Queen, Pudge #queenP 🍩👑🍩

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It’s true—she may be a girl, but her mustache is better than yours. Pudge is probably one of the photogenic kitties on the internet, and now you can see for yourself that she’s just as adorable in person - uh, cat. Say meow and get a pawtograph at her meet-and-greet!

Kitten Lady (@kittenxlady)

This will be Washington, DC-based kitten advocate and rescuer Hannah Shaw’s second visit to Vancouver, and we’re glad to have her back on the Canadian West Coast. She’ll be sharing her knowledge at a kitten care workshop, and you can also say hello at her and her partner Andrew Marttila at their meet-and-greet.

Nala and Luna Rose (@nala_cat and @hello_luna_rose)

Good morning!

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With over 3.5 million Instagram followers, Siamese-Tabby mix Nala is known to be the most famous cat on the internet. You can meet her and her adorably fluffy Scottish Fold sister Luna Rose at meowfest, where they will be hosting their own meet-and-greet.

Andrew Marttila (@iamthecatphotographer)

Shop Cats of New York co-creator Andrew Marttila is the ultimate puurro at pet photography, and you can pick up some of his mad skills by snagging tickets to his first-ever cat photography workshop at meowfest. You can also say hi to him at his meet-and-greet with his partner, Hannah Shaw.

BenBen (@benbencatcat)

We’re beyond puurrleased to have local cat celebrity BenBen at meowfest, where he will be running a meet-and-greet with his humans. Despite being known as the saddest cat on the internet because of his permanently despairing expression, BenBen leads a happy life looking adorable in Instagram photos and raising awareness and funds for special needs animals and shelters.

Tickets for meet-and-greets and workshops can be purchased at on February 16th starting at 8 am PST.