Meet Instagram’s most famous cat sister duo!

Chances are, if you’re obsessed with cats and have an Instagram account, you’re already more than familiar with Nala (@nala_cat) and Luna Rose (@hello_luna_rose). With 3.5 million followers, an online merch store and a role in a feature film, Siamese tabby mix Nala is arguably the most famous cat on Instagram. Scottish fold Luna, with almost 400k followers, is treading not far behind in her older sister’s footsteps.

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Having once been shelter rescues themselves, Nala and Luna are taking advantage of their celebrity status by spreading awareness about feline welfare issues. Along with their humans and furry siblings, @white_coffee_cat, @stella_and_steve and @hello_spencer_dog, they’re working toward a world in which as many kitties as possible have loving forever homes.

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Despite Nala and Luna’s busy schedules, we managed to sneak in a quick catnip break to chat with them about their home habits, possible alternate lives, and upcoming appearances at meowfest 2018.

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Do you ever get nervous about big events like meet-and-greets? How to overcome a case of cold paws?

Nala: I get a little nervous from loud noises when I first arrive to a big event, but it’s mom who gets most nervous. I just go into zen mode until I see a handsome bearded man, I become alert and curious!

Luna: I get nervous because I'm not sure if Nala is ok with sharing the attention with me! I'm extra chatty at meet-and-greets.

We're having the best time at @blogpaws ❤️ We met so many nice people! #BlogPaws

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As cat celebrities, you must meet a lot of famous faces, human and feline alike! Who have you been the most starstruck by so far?

N: I get star struck every time I see myself in a reflection. Luna's said ditto. [Our] favorite famous human that was really nice to us was Rachel DeMita.

How do you think you would be spending your days if you weren’t Instagram stars and animal rescue advocates?

N: I'd probably be eating snacks all day and watching YouTube videos of exotic birds.

L: I'd sleep, eat, build a spaceship, take a trip back to Mars to say hello to my people.

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Do you ever have sister squabbles? What is your biggest pet peeve about each other (that you secretly love, of course)?

We pretty much have a good understanding of privacy and boundaries. It's the boys that like to make trouble to the girls! Coffee is the trouble maker and Steve is needy. He becomes obsessed and won't stop staring at us!

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Have you visited Canada before? What are you and your humans most excited for about meowfest?

N: I've been to Edmonton, but it's my first time to Vancouver. I hope my passport arrives in time!

L: It's my first time visiting Canada! We are most excited to meet fans and help raise money for animals in need.

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Don't miss your chance to meet Nala and Luna Rose! Tickets for their meet-and-greet at meowfest 2018 can be purchased here.