The ultimate meowfest shopping guide

R2P Pet 

If you’re like me in that you’re a sucker for food-themed cat toys, you can’t miss R2P's booth. Grab your kitty a bestselling pick like the catnip-stuffed chicken-and-waffle duo, and you’ll never have to eat brunch alone again.



Pop by meowbox’s booth to shop our most popular toys, treats and cat-themed accessories for humans. 



The BCSPCA has been protecting and improving the lives of animals across the province for decades. Visit their booth for informative resources and merchandise.


My Cat is People

If you live in Vancouver, you’ve probably seen My Cat is People’s adorable designs in shops around the city. Here is your chance to shop a wider selection of cute pins, wrapping paper and greeting cards.


Nala Cat

Even if you missed tickets for Nala’s sold-out meet-and-greet, you can pick up some cute merch at the celebrity kitty’s booth.


Oh My Cat

Whether it’s stationery or underwear, Oh My Cat carries every cat-themed item you could possibly want for yourself, your cat, and all of your human friends.


Kitten Lady

Spread the #tinybutmighty movement in style with Kitten Lady’s apparel, stickers, jewelry and tote bags.


Kitty Snatch

Stop by Kitty Snatch’s booth to learn more about the addictive app, or play for a chance to win a ticket to BenBen's meet-and-greet.


 The Cat Photographer

Looking for a beautiful gift, or some beautiful books for your home? Snag a copy of Andrew Marttila's, AKA the Cat Photographer's Cats on Catnip or Shop Cats of New York, or some fun cat-themed apparel.


Tessaramics + Tessa Lee Designs

Meet the uber-talented Tessa duo! Tessaramics creates beautiful food-safe ceramic mugs, while Tessa Lee Designs creates bright, quirky greeting cards, prints and tote bags. 



Happy #NationalDonutDay from Donut Queen, Pudge #queenP 🍩👑🍩

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Missed out on Pudge’s meet-and-greet? Not to worry! You can still pick up some sassy Pudge merch at her booth.



For healthy cat food that meets every type of dietary need, don’t miss Petcurean, a family-owned pet food business based in the BC’s Fraser Valley.


Oskar & Klaus

Though Oskar sadly passed away this year, Oskar and Klaus continue to be the internet’s favourite feline duo. Pick up some kid-friendly books, buttons, stickers and apparel to celebrate Oscar’s legacy of raising awareness about pets with disabilities.


Catman of West Oakland

Looking for cat-themed merch that is suitable for the cat men and cat women in your life? Catman of West Oakland has you covered with a variety of apparel, pins and patches.


Apollo Peak

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Wine for cats? It seems too good to be true, but it isn’t! Treat your kitty to a variety of cat-friendly beverages, from Meowmosas to champagne to Apollo Peak’s bestselling Pinot Meow. 



Every cat parent’s dream is to create the ultimate playground for their kitty, and Catit can help. Shop cute and practical scratchers, tunnels, cat furniture, feeders, fountains and toys.



With their huge selection of purrfect goodies for cats and humans, it’s impossible not to spend hours on the Meowingtons online store. Visit their booth to shop a curated collection of popular picks.


FirstMate Pet Foods

This Vancouver-based pet food company specializes in raw and grain-free options that give your kitty all the nutrients he or she needs.


PussWeek Magazine

We all love some good cat humour. Pick up a copy of the one and only magazine “written by cats, for cats,” AKA your new favourite piece of litter-ature.


Licki Brush

If you have social media, you probably already know about the viral Licki Brush, which lets you bond with your cat in the most cat-like way: licking them. Check out their booth to snag one and try it for yourself.


The Paw Project

Pick up some merch and informative resources from this ameowzing nonprofit organization, which raises awareness on animal welfare issues such as declawing.


Cattitude Feline Behaviour and Care

If you need help managing a cat who’s showing problem behaviour, or if you're seeking a dependable catsitter or boarding services, look no further than Cattitude’s expurrtise.



Synchronized lounging with Seuss and Thomas

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They may be leaving their kitties at the shop, but Vancouver’s first cat café will be bringing cute cat-themed meowchandise and sweet treats. 


Bosley's by Pet Valu, Columbia Square

Local pet owners know Bosley’s as a go-to neighborhood stop for everyday pet care items, food, toys and treats. Stop by their booth to check out their handpicked cat goodies.


The Purrfect Accessory

These sure seem to be the #customerfavorite so far 😻

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Who says cat-themed jewelry can’t feel luxurious? Visit the Purrfect Accessory to shop beautiful, high quality cat-themed pieces that you’ll want to wear every day.


Red Dog Blue Kat

Red Dog Blue Kat offers healthy pet food that is ethically sourced and minimally processed. Choose from a range of flavours that will satisfy your kitty’s purrticular taste.


GOOOD Pet Collars

Bring some colour to your kitty’s life with a quirky handmade bow tie or scarf by GOOOD Pet Collars.



For sleek, stylish cat care items, toys and furniture that fulfils your kitty’s needs and fits your lifestyle, check out TEDDY BOB.


NHV Natural Pet Products

Please welcome this cutie from Sweden to #NHVpets family of #Naturallyhealthypets. Pippi's mom bought her some awsome NHV herbal blends as Christmas pressies. @hello.pippi 😻❤️That's the kinda proactive parenting we keep talking about! What's in Pippi's box? ➖ PetOmega3 - Processed pet foods have increased omega -6 fatty acids, and decreased omega-3 fatty acids. Your cat’s body cannot easily make essential fatty acids; it is vital to provide it as an added supplement to your pet’s daily diet. This helps the kidneys, heart, joints and coat conditions. And it is anti cancer! ➖ Turmeric - Popularly known as a super-herb for pets, it is anti-inflammatory, ant cancer and has healing properties. It is beneficial for all vitals and is an excellent addition to make to a healthy pet's regimen. ➖ Multi Essentials - Herbal Multivitamin blend that enhances nutrition of the food your pet eats. It also helps boost energy, have a shiny coat and aids healthy digestion. ----- If you've ever noticed your pet eating grass, you know pets like the natural route better. They don't take so well to pills and steroids. It is best suggested to consider natural means to help them avoid future health mishaps and heavy medical bills due to it. #Proactiveparenting !!!! ------ #catsofig #cutekitty #isntshethecutestthing #unboxing #boxpawty #caturday #caturday365 #caturdaytales #catsrule #catoftheweek #catsfronsweden #nhvpets #naturallyhealthypets

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Visit NHV’s table for natural, organic and ethically-harvested products and supplements that will help enhance your kitty’s health.