Hacks for First-Time meowfest Goers

meowfest might be months away, but it's never too early to prepare. If you're new to the world of cat festivals, here are some tips to help you enjoy your day to the fullest:

Bring a portable charger.

Rechargeable power bank, $14.99, Staples

Don’t miss out on some purrfect photo ops because of a dead battery! Charge your phone to a full 100% before leaving and bring some backup juice, so you can enjoy the event without worrying about whether you’ll have enough power to book an Uber home.

Dress for the occasion.

One of the best parts about festivals is the opportunity to have fun with your outfit. Don’t be afraid to break out your “Proud cat dad” t-shirt, or put your DIY skills to use.

Be mindful of the weather.

If you’ve ever visited Toronto in the summertime, you’ll know the temperatures tend to skyrocket. Make sure to come equipped with a hat, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes, so you can equally enjoy the indoor- and outdoor sections of the event.

Expect to eat...a lot.

With the array of delicious food carts we have lined up (including plant-based, nut-free and gluten-free options), choosing just one dish might be impossible. Opt for a light meal before the event, to leave maximum room for food babies.

Bring cash.

Some vendors may accept cash only. If shopping is on your agenda, save yourself time (and ATM fees) by withdrawing cash at your bank prior to the event.

Take advantage of special events.

Grasp the opportunity to meet some of your favourite cat celebrities, or learn more about a cause that interests you. Meet-and-greet and workshop tickets can be purchased here (don’t wait: space is limited)!

Bring your friends.

It’s a given that any festival is best enjoyed with your favourite humans. Even if your friends aren’t self-described “cat people,” anyone who loves animals, food or shopping is bound to have a good time.

Be fashionably late.

While your impulse might be to come early, consider showing up later in the afternoon. Crowds will probably be smaller, and some vendors may offer discounts towards the end of the day.

Make the most of your weekend.

If you’re visiting from out of town, check out other events happening in the city so you can keep the fun going long after meowfest is over.

Join the conversation.

Share your experience with other attendees by using the #meowfest2019 hashtag and tagging @meowfestival in your social posts. Your photos and videos might even get featured on meowfest’s accounts.

Don't miss out on the biggest purrty of the summer! General admission and special events tickets for meowfest are still available here.