Our Top 10 Favourite Nala Moments

Nala doesn’t just rule the cat scene—she created it.

In 2012, she shared her first photo on Instagram. She’s since amassed four million followers, headlined the world’s top cat festivals, and even appeared in a feature film. Her cartoon-like face, combined with her support for animal rescue organizations, has turned her into a much-loved online icon—and her empire is only growing.

To celebrate the Instagram's most famous cat, here are our top ten favourite Nala moments (in no particular order).

When she appeared in a feature film

Not many people can count Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken as past colleagues, but Nala can. She made a cameo in the 2016 comedy Nine Lives, proving her charisma isn't limited to just the iPhone camera.

When she became a viral meme

The photo of Nala triumphantly clenching her paw quickly went viral, becoming the feline equivalent of the iconic Rosie the Riveter poster.

When she became an adorable shark

We didn't think Nala could get any cuter, until we saw this. Consider your fear of sharks no more!

When she appeared on a talk show

She may not talk, but she's paws-down our favourite guest to have appeared on Steve Harvey's Steve TV.

When she won a Guiness World Record

In 2016, she earned a Guinness World Record for being the most popular cat on Instagram—a title she still holds to this day.

When she turned into a sausage pillow

Nala's parents loved her sausage pose so much that they adapted it into a perfectly-huggable pillow.

When she met Grumpy Cat

She even managed to rival Grumpy Cat herself for the title of "Grumpiest Expression"!

When she had a bath and wasn't pleased about it

It turns out that celebrity cats aren't too different from our own cats, after all!

When she participated in the #10YearChallenge

Nala's come a long way since her days as an abandoned kitten in a shelter. Between getting showered with love by her humans and helping other kitties find their purrfect forever homes, she's living her best life.

When she headlined meowfest 2019…

Okay, this hasn’t actually happened yet, but it will definitely be worthy of this list once it does!

You can meet the internet's most famous cat this summer at meowfest! Grab your General Admission and meet-and-greet tickets here. Don't miss Nala's takeover of @meowfestival's Instagram on Tuesday, May 28th!