iAmMoshow, Busting Stereotypes and Spreading the Cat Lady Love

It goes without saying that when IAmMoshow started his rapping career, the topic of cats wasn’t the first to come to mind—but when it did, something clicked.

“I’m just living my truth. I never felt comfortable about rapping about a life I didn’t live,” he says. “But I’m a gamer, I love cats, [I’m] obsessed with cat ladies and I’m a huge lover filled with positivity.”

IAmMoshow the Cat Rapper became an internet sensation through his cat rap videos, which star himself and his five cats: Black $avage, Sushi, Tali, Mega Mam and Ravioli. His cat bath freestyle, which racked up more than half a million views on YouTube, has been shared by the Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, and other news outlets worldwide. He's since released two EPs, a full-length studio album (titled Only Cat People Understand, which is available on all streaming platforms), and even a sticker app through the iTunes store.

IAmMoshow makes a point to use his platform for more than just entertaining cat content. Through his weekly #BeautifulCatLadyWednesdays series on Instagram, he attempts to eliminate negative stereotypes attributed to women who love cats. It is, after all, his mother and girlfriend (his “number one cat lady”) whom he thanks for his success. “If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here,” he says. Before every performance, he takes a moment to reflect on how far he’s come, and how proud his mom and girlfriend are of his achievements.

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One of the greatest things about performing back on the east coast was i got to see my MOM and LITTLE SISTER! This really meant a lot to me. Yall know i dont show too much of my personal life because I still value some privacy. This is the reason why i do what i do. I love you mom thanks for always keeping my head on right. Thanks for keeping me safe in the projects as a little kid. I wouldn’t be here without you. IM TRYING MY BEST to work so hard so that you NEVER HAVE TO WORRY A DAY IN YOUR LIFE ANYMORE. I just need a little more time.... I dont wanna let you down. I hope y’all are proud of me and I know y’all are. As long as YOU are proud of me I can rest at night. I promise I wont let you down. I wont let them stop me. They cant stop me. I love you. Also THANK YALL MY CAT FAMILY FOR BEING HERE WITH ME ❤️ #TheCatGod #TheCatRapper #MoGang

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Musically, IAmMoshow counts Jay Z, P Diddy, Lil’ Wayne, Senses Fail and James Taylor among his biggest inspirations. He himself hopes to inspire those who are struggling to fulfill their dreams.

When it comes to the occasional self-doubt that all artists inevitably experience, he says he tries not to let those feelings of discouragement affect him. “Most of the time, we build these things up in our head and it’s not as bad as we make it out,” he says. “You always gotta look forward. Look where you started and where you are now, and where you are going.”

Even his cats are happy to be along for the ride. It may surprise other feline owners to learn that he’s never received so much as a scratch for enlisting them as his chain-donning sidekicks. “They are always chill,” he says. “Honestly, we have a super crazy connection. We’re all bonded and this is how we roll! 24/7.”

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