Our top 10 favourite insta-cats (and cat people)

There is something undeniably addictive about scrolling through cat photos and videos on your phone. They’re the reason why I’ve racked up embarrassingly high roaming charges, and why I take an extra hour to get out of bed in the mornings. It’s a good thing that watching cat videos is part of my job, because if it wasn’t, it would be the reason I procrastinate at work, too.

It goes without saying that the world of internet cats is an endless black hole, so for your convenience, we’ve narrowed it down to our top ten favourite cat Instagram accounts. You’re welcome. (And to your boss: we’re sorry).


Arguably the most well-known fosterer and catvocate on the internet is Kitten Lady, otherwise known as Hannah Shaw. Not only does Hannah foster orphan kitties, but she also works to empower and educate aspiring kitten rescuers through workshops and other informative resources. On July 29th, 2018, you can meet Hannah at Vancouver’s meowfest, where she will be hosting a kitten rescue workshop and participating in a meet-and-greet alongside her partner, Andrew Marttilla.


Considering all the cat photos on your iPhone, you may consider yourself a cat photographer—until you see Andrew Marttila’s pet photography. Through beautiful full-colour photographs, Andrew captures the personalities of his feline subjects puurrfectly. In 2016, he collaborated with Tamar Arslanian of I Have Cat to create Shop Cats of New York (think Humans of New York, feline edition). Andrew will be running a pet photography workshop at meowfest in addition to his meet-and-greet with Hannah.

@nala_cat and @hello_luna_rose


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With over 3.5 million followers, bubbly-eyed Nala is arguably the most popular cat on Instagram. She and her Scottish Fold sister Luna Rose are basically real-life feline cartoon characters. Seriously, if you don’t instantly fall in love with these two, you must lack a soul. If aww’ing over their Instagram stories isn’t enough, you can meet Luna and Nala in-person—or rather, “in-cat”—at meowfest on July 29th.


We love the story of BenBen, who was just one day from euthanization when a compassionate couple came to his rescue. He had numerous injuries that led the SPCA to deem him unadoptable, but his humans did everything they could to bring him back to health. He may be referred to as the “saddest cat on the internet” due to his permanently worried expression, but BenBen may also be one of the luckiest. You can meet this Canadian cutie at meowfest, where he and his humans will be running a meet-and-greet.


Pudge is 7 years old today! 🙊🎉 #pudgeybirthday

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From her permanently grumpy expression to her little white moustache (yes, she’s a girl), everything about Pudge will make you want to squoosh her. She and her human will be running a meet-and-greet at meowfest, so don’t miss getting that pawtograph if you live in the Vancouver area!


Oskar the cat, who has a congenital eye disease called Microphthalmia, may not be able to see, but that doesn’t prevent him from living his #bestlife. Not only is he a feline Braille Literacy Ambassador for the National Federation of the Blind, but he and his best friend Klaus star in an adventure kitty series that is available in braille. Oskar and his humans will be hosting a workshop at meowfest on special needs pets and the work Oskar does with the visually-impaired community.


The only thing we love more than a kitten are kittens, plural, and @whiskersnpurrs is kitten heaven. The account is run by fosterer Kristi, who regularly posts photos and videos of the babies that are currently under her care.


Do you have a favorite belly?

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Okay, this one isn’t what it sounds like. As much as we promote a generous daily vegetable intake, this Instagram account is much cuter than produce photography. Think of it more like @kittensfordayz.


Siberian lynx points Alice and Finnegan are more photogenic than we will ever be, and it is our jealousy (and our admiration for their humans’ stunning photography) that fuels our addiction to this account. Plus, if you also love puppers, their best friend Oliver will help satiate your dog photo obsession.


We meowdels 🖤 #supermodels #almostfamous #catswithjobs

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Of course, we couldn’t make this list without including Zac and Harvey, our very own office cats and designated meowbox toy testers. Zac and Harvey were rescued by a nice lady when they were mere babies and adopted by meowbox’s founders, who raised them into the spoiled kitties they are today. Read their full story here.

Earlybird tickets for meowfest will be on sale from 8 am PT on Friday, January 19th until 10 pm PT on Sunday, January 21st. Tickets for all meet-and-greets and workshops can be purchased starting February 16th.

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