Purrpare to be starstruck!

Take a look at our 2019 Headliners:


Venus the Two Face Cat

Venus is 0% Photoshopped and 100% born this way! With over 1.7 million Instagram followers, an appearance on the today show, and a feature article in National Geographic, Venus has become a household name. meowfest marks her first ever appearance at a feline festival!

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Kitten Lady

Renowned kitten rescuer and animal advocate, Hannah Shaw, strives to create global change for cats everywhere. Hannah's project, Kitten Lady, not only provides educational resources and workshops on orphan kittens but will leave you feeling motivated to change the world for tiny felines everywhere.

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Nala Cat

Nala Cat is a mega-cute Siamese Tabby mix who was rescued from a shelter when she was five months old. Now, at 3.8 million followers, Nala is the most famous cat on Instagram and was recently named a Top Influencer by Forbes. No biggy.

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The Cat Photographer

Andrew is an animal photographer best known for his captivating images of felines. His work documents the lives of celebrity cats, shelter cats, and house cats with intimate detail. With his atypical approach, he successfully captures the unique personality of each animal.

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Dad to five cats, iAmMoshow defied the odds to build a name for himself as the internet’s Cat Rapper. Through mewsic and social media, iAmMoshow is on a mission to inspire the world, sharing with others lessons he has learned and to never give up on your dreams no matter where they take you.

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The Dark Lord

Welcome to the Dark Side! Arlo, his royal darkness, is the Lord of his household. Claiming to be the only (hairless sphynx) cat with “human knees”, The Dark Lord has officially gone viral and has accumulated an audience of thousands of loyal

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Klaus & Juno

The Klaus was adopted by Mick and his family from The Cat House in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is sweet as can be and his right ear lays flat due to possible damage from excessive scratching caused by ear mites, or perhaps a nasty fight. Klaus was well known as Oskar the Blind Cat’s best buddy, and now keeps busy with his younger sister, Juno the Blind Cat.

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& Juno


Pudge is a girl with a fabulous mustache who is conquering the world of social media. One of her many talents include crafting on her YouTube channel, where she shows you how to make cat-centric DIY projects from toys for your cat, to cat accessories for yourself.

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…and our 2019 Supurrstars:

Merlin The Mad Ragdoll

Merlin has developed a distinctly disapproving face complimented by his sharp blue eyes. But don’t let his salty appearance deter you, looks can be deceiving! He likes meeting people, going on adventures, car rides, walks on his leash, eating cucumbers and more. Merlin is just a big softie – literally.

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Photography courtesy of Darren Roskam.

Bridgette Anderson of B.A.B.E is a cat-fanatic. Her mewsic is a mixture of edgy, seductive energy that immediately connects with the audience. Bridgette is big supporter of rescue cats, and though she can’t have pets with her current nomadic lifestyle, she takes any opportunity to be around them!

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Mister Puffles

Puffles was rescued in May 2018 by Beth Stern, from previous owners who had locked Puffles in their basement for over 5 years and never cared for him. This severely neglected, 10 year old Persian was frightened beyond words when he was rescued and it took much vet care, patience and love for him to trust people again. Mister Puffles’ current owner calls him the best companion she could have ever dreamed of.

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